It’s often said that change is the only constant. At some point, we all enter seasons of transition. Change has the power to evoke feelings ranging from exhilaration to devastation … hopeful to helpless … delighted to depressed.

For me, the first years after college graduation certainly proved to swing my emotional pendulum between all of the above — on a regular basis. Sometimes within the same 60-second window! I knew transitions were hard for other people, but pride told me my story would be different. Idealism told me it wouldn’t only be different; it could be perfect.

My name is Selah and “Lessons from the Attic” is a place where I share the things that didn’t actually go perfectly and the amazing learning opportunity life has been. There have been some forks in the road … unexpected delays, unwelcome predicaments, and unfortunate realizations. But what I’m discovering is something I hope will inspire you.

Those redirections actually were necessary steps to finding uncharted paths. Routes that were far more beautiful than the cookie-cutter road I tried to force myself into.

Can you relate? I think we all can at some level, and that’s why there’s a “Stories” section on the blog. It’s a place for others to share their journeys with the Lessons from the Attic community.

When I’m 80, I want to have adventurous and exciting stories to tell my grandkids, other people’s grandkids, and probably anyone who will listen. What I’ve realized is that incredible stories don’t come from a linear life that went exactly according to plan.

You’ve got to have bumps in the road, curves, zig-zags, highs and lows. The life I wanted would have made me boring. The life I’m actually living is shaping up to be exactly the kind of story I want to share.

So …

If your life is in a season of transition today, this blog is for you.

If you are walking with someone who is undergoing a change, this blog is for you.

My purpose in sharing “Lessons from the Attic” is to come alongside others traveling on the same path. To affirm wholeheartedly. To share honestly. To laugh passionately. To comfort genuinely.

Dwelling in the “attics” of our lives is sometimes the only way to truly get in touch with ourselves. “Attic Dweller” was my nickname during one particular season of life (here’s the story). Here’s to the community of others who are dwelling in a mix of hard places, broken dreams, exciting opportunities, and a lot of what ifs.

Welcome to the Lessons from the Attic. I hope this is a place of inspiration for you.

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