Treat Yourself Like a Human

During the past week, I started a new thing called, “treat myself like a human.” 

It goes like this: I wake up, make some decaf coffee (more on adrenal fatigue and how 10 years of coffee addiction made me have it in a later post), put on a sweatshirt, and walk around my apartment complex in my pajamas early in the morning. 

Then I go back inside and sit on the couch with my favorite blanket, journal, and Bible.

I journal whatever I’m thinking about and pray to God for guidance and an alertness to anything His Spirit is calling me to do that day.

Then I read some verses and write them in my journal. 

After that, I start getting ready for work. 

I used to wake up early, jump out of bed, drink a few cups of normal coffee, and jump on the freeway for my 45-minute commute. Then I’d work at least eight hours, if not more, go to the gym, take a shower, and read professional development books or blogs, and go to bed. 

Every day was a GRIND and I felt like a robot.

No matter how early I went into the office, I never felt caught up. No matter how much I didn’t give myself breaks at work, hardly talked to anyone, and stayed as focused as I could, my to-do list never ended. I was working SO hard at everything I did, and felt like I had nothing to show for it except exhaustion.

The new “treat myself like a human plan” I described above was reserved only for weekends. The other five days of the week felt like torture. But I am discovering that you can have quiet moments to care for the person you are at your core on normal and busy days, just like you can on days off. In fact, we must build those quiet rhythms into our lives or we will BURN OUT.

Have you been there?

I’m here to tell you first that it’s OK to be a human. We’re not created to just be production machines, cranking out results 24/7 like some kind of robot. And second, it’s OK to not just BE human, but to embrace your humanness.

Embracing our humanness means taking care of all parts of us — body, soul, and mind. I tend to be an extremist and when I’m into something, I focus 100% on only that thing. I am a recovering workaholic, and for a while all I nurtured was my mind. I am a recovering gym-aholic, and for a while all I focused on was losing weight. But I never got 100% into the most important thing — my soul.

When we die, the body and mind do, too. But the soul stays with us forever. Nurturing it is SO important. 

Making time this week to nourish my soul before jumping into everything the day was ready to throw at me gave me a feeling of sturdiness. I had already spent two hours that morning listening to myself, and more importantly, God. My soul was filled and that enabled me to be able to flex with shifting office expectations, think creatively on new projects, and stop to talk to coworkers — because I wasn’t jumping right out of bed and into a frantic day.

If you had to rate yourself 1 – 5 on how well you embrace your humanness, what would it be? 1 — hardcore robot mode, 5 — acknowledge your needs and that you’re perfectly imperfect, or somewhere in-between?

I know I still have a lot to learn and that I’m still susceptible to “robot mode,” but the past week has been a HUGE step in the right direction. And I owe it to many Godly people around me who love me, challenge me, and encourage me.

If you need encouragement, please contact me! I’d love to walk with you during your journey. And I’m thankful you’re joining me for mine. 💛

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