4 Tips for Eating Lunch at Your Desk

Research shows it’s best to use your lunch break as an actual break and avoid eating at your desk. Sometimes, though, it seems inevitable to eat while working.  Especially for us who work in a cubicle – with coworkers close by – it’s important to be mindful of our eating habits and how they might affect... Continue Reading →

Own Your Place at the Table

Sometimes it can be hard to know what our place is in a new group – especially after college, when we first join the workforce. It’s that time when you’re trying to balance being the new team member who has a degree and fresh ideas with being the new team member who wants to respect... Continue Reading →

It’s OK to Change Your Major and Your Mind

Studies show that nearly 80 percent of university students change their major at least once. I planned to be different than the statistics and stick with my major the entire duration of college. Beginning freshman year as a psychology major, I started down the path to become a counselor. The classes were fascinating and engaging.... Continue Reading →

Get Out There!

It’s rare to meet someone who, when recounting the story of their life or career, says, “I planned everything out, and my life followed the plan perfectly.” In fact, I don’t think any person like that exists. If you know someone like that, please let me know! We all must learn to find our gifts,... Continue Reading →

How to Get the Job You Want

Job searching can be hard. It takes time to apply, research, and prepare. It can be disappointing when you hear, "We've moved forward with more qualified applicants," or when you just don't get a call back. But job searching can also be exciting. Every resume you submit and interview you accept offers you an opportunity... Continue Reading →

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