3 Rules for Crazy Head Days

Last week I listened to one of my favorite podcasts, The Boundless Show. At the end of each episode, host Lisa Anderson or a counselor typically answer a listener's question. In this episode, Focus on the Family counselor Christina Chismar spoke to the question of school burnout. You can listen to the full 7-minute question... Continue Reading →

Searching for a Formula

“People like you and me,” my mom said, “we like formulas.” I nodded emphatically. “Just give me a plan and I’ll follow it!” I emphasized. “But there isn’t a formula,” she replied. I knew it was true. It had always been true. That’s why I felt so frustrated trying to find the right answer to everything. There... Continue Reading →

It’s OK to Change Your Major and Your Mind

Studies show that nearly 80 percent of university students change their major at least once. I planned to be different than the statistics and stick with my major the entire duration of college. Beginning freshman year as a psychology major, I started down the path to become a counselor. The classes were fascinating and engaging.... Continue Reading →

5 Polite Ways to Say “No”

Today's culture does not like the word, "No." If you're like me, when you turn down an offer to hang out, grab lunch, or make plans, you feel required to give an explanation as to why. "I'm sorry, I can't this weekend because I'm booked." "Wish I could, but you know how life is --... Continue Reading →

Rest, Help, & Interruptions

If you're like me, it seems like getting sick always comes at the worst possible time. I don't have room in my schedule to go to doctors, stay home from work, or research symptoms. I don't have money in my budget to devote to prescriptions, supplements, or doctor visits. And of all the things on... Continue Reading →

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